Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mixed Media

The chunky hand sculpted jewelry by Kari Lynn Bianchi gives new meaning to the term "wearable art." Her jewelry-a fusion of pottery and jewelry design-is hand made from clay and truly one of a kind. Inspired by her studies in Florence, Italy and her love of classical Italian mosiacs, Kari Lynn began transforming clay mosiacs into large sculpted beads for necklaces, earrings and chunky wrist cuffs. The glazing process creates unusual color layers which she then embellishes with exotic beads, crystals, glass and wood pieces. I especially love the red color tones in the Janet necklace ($115) and the Ada armband ($89) for the Fall, but all of her colors are similarly gorgeous. These are not simply stunning accessories to an outfit. These are the outfit! Sold throughout Canada, her pieces can also be purchased via her website.

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