Monday, March 10, 2008

Davies Gate

I am a lip product junkie...I love to try new colors and brands of lip glosses, especially if they have scents and colors! I just bought 2 new lip glosses by Davies Gate, an organic skin care line that I found at the local Bath and Body Works. I got the Sugar Plum (a sparkling plum color with the delicious scent and flavor of plum) and Sweet Orange (a gorgeous reddish-brown with lots of sparkle and an amazing orange flavor). Very sheer, it is a perfect top coat to add some dimension to any lip color, or, just by itself for a hint of color. Made with natural ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E, they are incredibly moisturizing as well. Only $12!!


Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

Girl-Woman said...

They sound yummy enough to eat. For only $12, that's an inexpensive lunch. I have not been in Bath and Body works for a while. I will stop by and give those a test-drive. Thanks.

Jamie said...

I definitely need to try this -- I love the Sugar Plum scent! I already have the shower gel and will definitely be adding this to my collection!