Monday, August 13, 2007

Take Care of Your Froot

Manor Hall Soap Company, one of my favorite soap and skin care lines, has introduced a new line of pedicure spa products specifically for the feet. "Your feet walk thousands of steps a day", says Susan Mann, owner of Manor Hall, and creator of the brand new Froot line. "And your soles don't have any of their own oil glands to soften them. This is why feet and heels so often become dry and cracked." Mann combined her love of the beach, her adoration of the sweet juicy scents of tropical fruits, and her experience with skin soothing synthetic-free beauty goodies to create Froot. All natural (NO synthetic ingredients!), the new line has a luxurious Froot polish, a Froot Tube (an all natural soft butter balm in a handy push-up stick), a deodorizing Froot Wash, a revitalizing Froot Soak and a soothing Froot Spritz. All are available in two lively tropical flavors, Lemon-Lime and Grapefruit-Tangerine. Truly, what a wonderful way to indulge yourself (because you are worth it!!) and whisk your feet away to the tropics, all from the comfort of home, all year round. The prices are extremely reasonable, and, in fact, are being offered at introductory prices right now!! Check it out HERE.

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