Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cool Site of the Week--The Intimate Guide

A reader sent me an email noting that my blog is sadly lacking in posts on lingerie. So, in response, I have decided to feature the Intimate Guide as my cool site of the week. Authors Jeff and Rachel have been married over 10 years (to each other) and their blog is a casual conversation about what we all wear — under there. What I like about their blog is that although the topics are of an intimate nature (I mean it is about underwear!), it is not about body parts or detailed sexual descriptions. Discussions on what to wear under different types of clothing (i.e., don't we all need a good t-shirt bra??) and how to care for lingerie are just some of the informative posts. There is also a handy comparison shopping section that allows you to compare prices on lingerie from several online vendors. Check out more HERE.

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