Monday, January 15, 2007

Resort Wear

Since I am more of a fashion observer than a fashion insider, I usually don't post about the Spring and Summer lines in the Fall like the major magazines do. I feature items that I want to wear now. But, I just finalized plans our plans for a week in the Riveria Maya (leaving in 3 weeks...YEAH!), so I am in a resort wear sort of mood. I love this cool two piece look from Belgian based designer F.Egidio. The exaggerated wide-legged trousers are totally wearable and the sleeveless print shirt looks lightweight and laid back. Perfect for a drink by the poolside bar after a day in the sun or for walking around the local town.

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Rebecca said...

Very cute! I don't know if I would wear something like that enough to get my $$s out of it, but I can imagine wearing it some. It'd be perfect with my Chaco's (I'm somewhat of a Chaco's fanatic). =D