Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cool Site of the Week--Olive Juice & Co.

My choice for this week's Cool Site of the Week is the web-blog of Olive Juice & Co. Kim is the writer and artist of this blog. And when I say artist, I mean artist. I love the digi-scrapbooking imagery that she uses on her site. Now, forgive me if I am not using the proper terminology for her work...I don't know much about digi scrapping except that it looks really hard. I would love to learn how to do it, but I suspect that I would quickly become addicted...and my husband would probably kill me if I started one more "hobby." That being the case, I will continue to check out Kim's site and see the really creative images that she comes up with. Oh, and she makes these absolutely darling aprons for use in the kitchen or over jeans with a t-shirt that start at only $30 each! (Her website/on-line store is currently in development, but you can purchase through her blog!)

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