Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cleveland Style--Mama Style

One of my major complaints about SAHM's is the lack of style that often accompanies them. So, I was happy to see this SAHM at the grocery store looking casual yet still fashionable. Jeans, layered t-shirts, corduroy blazer and really cute boots that looked comfortable too. SAHM's, take note. It takes just as much time to throw on an outfit like this as sweatpants!!


Moi said...

Very good advice!

Rebecca said...

That's so cute! And that is just the "uniform template" I blogged about a while ago for SAHMs. Good job getting a photo!

elleabelle said...

I had just "spoken" with you that morning about lawyerly dressing and how I think you are a fashionable SAHM when I saw her at the grocery store! That is why I posted it!!