Saturday, December 02, 2006

Double Ply

I am the mother of two small children, so even though I love handbags, most of the time they are just not practical for my needs. I need my hands and arms free to either hold the children or run after them. So, I am always on the lookout for a good backpack. But, something classic and edgy, not like the oversized one my daughter carries to kindergarten. Enter Ply Handbags. Crafted from the finest Italian leathers and fabrics, these are backpacks designed for women who refuse to sacrifice style and comfort for function. The unique silhouette is specifically designed to stand up to anything you stuff in it (which of course, in my case, is lots!) while still maintaining its sleek and modern look. Available in traditional as well as some funky color combinations, I especially like the lime leather with citrine accents and the cognac leather with moss green accents for $215. Not into backpacks? Never fear, Ply also makes an array of shoulder bags, totes, clutches, hand held bags, cosmetic cases, and coin purses that are just as cool.

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Crissy said...

LOVE the backpacks!! :)