Thursday, September 21, 2006

Indulge Yourself

Grace Chan of Indulgems is a self-taught jewelry designer who left a career in business to focus on jewelry design. How lucky for us! Her luxe jewelry designs range from deceptively simple to stunningly opulent and are always completely original and fresh. Her Fall/Winter 2006 collection features the most beautiful necklaces made from hardened 14K gold filled wire that is hammered and formed into round circles and curved spiral arcs and entwined with richly colored jewels. Some of my favorites, and trust me it was hard to choose, include these pendants from her Exotic Garden collection. Featuring a multitude of faceted gemstone rondelles and briolettes of mystic topaz, london blue topaz, swiss blue topaz, sapphire, larimar, apatite, vesuvianite and amazonite, they are wonder to behold. Any one of them, or all three for that matter, would look perfect paired with these Gilded earrings comprised of natural turquoise, amazonite and gold filled chain. Luxe but with everyday potential. Go ahead, Indulge yourself.

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