Saturday, January 27, 2018


I am a huge fan of the no-makeup makeup look...but as I am getting older I need to cover my age spots etc.  I discovered the Veil from Katie from Beauty and the Boutique.  It is literally my HOLY GRAIL product.  It is not quite a concealer or a foundation...but on my light make up is what I wear!  One click of the product in five spots:  under my eyes, under my lips, the sides of my nose, down the center of my nose and in-between my eyebrows.  A little of the product goes a long way!  You just PAT the product in and it is never cake-y and never settles in my fine lines.  Click HERE to see how Katie applies the product...that is where I learned to use it.  I LOVE it.  It just makes my face look good without a heavy makeup look.  I use it EVERY day.  On days where I am going out or want a more "make-up' look I will apply foundation on top of it.  But, for an every day look it is perfect.  It would be great for teenagers just starting to wear makeup too because it looks so natural!  It is $40 on the Veil site but Katie sells it for $35.53 and free shipping.   

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