Thursday, February 16, 2012

I do!

I was browsing stationary sites the other day and came across these beautiful DIY wedding invitations from Bride and Groom Direct.  While I am certainly not getting married any time soon...I love the simplicity and whimsy of the designs and the colors on the designs on the site.  The bird cage one pictured above is absolutely something that I would use should I go down that path again!  I love the pink and aqua together...but the site allows you to play with other colors (purple, navy, teal to name a few) so that you can suit your particular theme.  I also love the pretty pretty ribbons that come with them.  Prices start at around $35 for 10 of your very own customized design!  

Prefer something more traditional?  They also offer classical, simple, romantic and elegant designs in creams, ivories and browns with more traditional themes and scripts.  Those prices start at only $14 for 10!!

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