Monday, March 16, 2009

Close Shave

I confess that I get a bit lax over the winter with shaving my legs...I mean, let's face cold, dreary Cleveland, it's not like my legs see the sun for about 4 months. But, I feel sorry for my husband, so I try to keep up with it. I usually use the cheap razors available in the grocery know the 12 to a pack ones. But, I decided to try the Gillete Venus, because the handle was so pretty and came with an in-shower storage system, but, really because instead of one blade, the Gillete Venus Embrace has five, FIVE, blades...I have never had a closer shave! Also, it lasted nearly 3 days!! There is a protective ribbon around the razor that has moisturizer in it, so the shave was very smooth. The best part, no razor bumps...even under the arms and in the bikini area. A bit more expensive than the cheapie brands...but much better suited to a woman's body. Well worth it. Available at all drug stores.


Jessica Marie said...

thank you so much for the kind comment :D

and i LOVE the venus embrace. i tried it once and will never ever go back to the disposables. i find that i don't really nick myself with it either..

Christine said...

I have been resisting those crazy expensive, multi-bladed razors because I am CONVINCED it is just a marketing ploy to get me to buy stuff, but it sounds like that razor actually does work. I mean, a leg-shave lasting almost 3 days is pretty awesome. I might have to try it!

Thanks for the product review!!

♥ xtine