Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Red Stripe

My husband discovered Red Stripe beer when we vactioned in Aruba years ago and it is now always stocked in our fridge. I can never think of good gifts to get him...but I hit the jackpot here...I found these amazing beer bottle drinking glasses by Nick Paul. Handcrafted from Red Stripe beer bottles and transformed through glass blowing techniques into glasses...these are the perfect gift for the guy who has everything (and likes beer!). $50 for a six-pack!! If you have a favorite beer...he can do any it truly is a personalized gift that any man will enjoy!!


Valerie said...

I've always thought those glasses were delightful! (Plus it's recycling too!)

Leon1234 said...

Hey, how are you?

Kimberly Monaco said...

LOVE these!!!