Monday, December 08, 2008

In the Loup

There is just something about warm handknit winter accessories that get me going during the winter. I have TONS of hats and every shape, size and color, and I can never have enough!! (my husband might disagree with me on that one!). I recently came across the wool accessories from Loup. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, NYC (which is just as grey as Cleveland), the neckwraps are a fabulous way to add some style to your winter wear. The neckwraps are snug and warm and available in six colors...perfect for keeping you warm and keeping you beautiful! There are also some amazing longer scarves and cool (really cool!) hats for the guys in your life (see below). Plus, through the holidays, there is free shipping at her Etsy store located HERE. ( check out her website...the graphics are really cool!)


lillyella said...

I agree! I can never have enough hats, coats, scarves, boots etc - and yes, Tyler may disagree as well :)

Love loup! Cool stuff and what a fabulous logo!

hope you are staying warm :)

coffee after christmas?!

Aubrey said...

Oh! That scarf screams my little sisters name!