Wednesday, October 22, 2008

London Calling--Day 3

Day 3 started early again! After a late night of drinking it was rough...but we were determined to see the sights and not sleep we nursed our hangovers as we walked around. Another $30 bagel in the morning and we were off to the city of Bath and to see Stonehenge! Bath is a beautiful city that is the location for some of the early Roman bathhouses (thus the name!). The architecture (my father was an architect and so I am a huge fan of buildings and architecture!) was just amazing and all of the buildings are required by law to be built with the same sort of light colored stone (it might have been limestone?). It was truly amazing to pull into the city and see the spectacular line of the entire city crafted from the same material. Truly a sight to behold. The Bathhouse was pretty amazing, especially when you consider the history behind it! We walked around the city after and enjoyed a cup of coffee and a sandwich at a local cafe before doing some light shopping (it really was too expensive to buy much of anything!). We then headed to Stonehenge and I certainly understand why it is considered to be a World Heritage Site and Wonder of the World. It was a long drive back to London where we were scheduled to go on a dinner crusie on the Thames. We boarded the Silver Sturgeon at around 7:00 for a truly amazing dining experience. The views were amazing...Big Ben, Parliament, and the London Eye. Everyone had a great time dancing and drinking. Here are some photos...

In front of the Cathedral in Bath.

A view of the Roman Baths from the second level.

Steve and I on the floor level of the Roman Bath. (I am wearing a really cool jacket by Duchess von Dudik).

Drinking some hot chocolate and a eating a sandwich in a cafe.

The sausage market!!

The butcher shop!

The main public park in Bath. There were people having picnics and a class picnic! So charming!

The canal in Bath.

A view of the city of Bath as we were leaving. You can see here what I meant about the stone all being the same!

At Stone Henge. (I was wearing my new pair of earrings by Jennifer Morris)

At the dinner on the Thames.

I know, I know, this photo is horrible. I got a new camera the day we left for the trip and I could not figure out how to take the pictures at night! This was the huge ferris wheel known as the London Eye. (I am a really afraid of heights, so we didn't go on it!)

View of Big Ben and Parliament from the deck of the boat.

Having shots at the bar with new friends!

The bus ride home from the dinner cruise.


Holly said...

i love making new friends on vacation :) its always so easy!

Ryanne said...

ah you sound like your having fun! Good :] and enjoy it while it lasts!

megha said...

i love making new friends

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