Monday, October 20, 2008

London Calling-Day 1

Our trip to London was paid for by Volkswagon. My husband has been working in the car industry for 14 years, 11 of which has been as the manager of a Volkswagon dealership. There were about 80 people in all, from all over the States. Our first day, we checked into the Dorchester Hotel on Hyde Park. An absolutely fantastic and luxe hotel, our room was huge and the lobby and amenities were wonderful! We arrived around 10:00 a.m., and did some walking on Oxford Street which was about a mile away from the hotel. A very long street with just tons and tons of shopping. They say there is a recession going on, but London did not appear to be affected by it! I could not believe the amount of shoppers inside the stores. We ate dinner at the Dorchester that night (duck!) and then spent some time drinking at the Bar and the piano bar inside the Dorchester. These are some of the photos from out first day! More this week...

Me, in front of the Dorchester.

Oxford Street.

Steve, eating a waffle dog at Pure Waffle. Yes, a hot dog. On a waffle. (he wants to start a franchise now!)

Steve on Oxford Street.

Me, on Oxford Street. (My cool shirt is from Harrilu on Etsy..which I will post about later!)


Ryanne said...

ahh im jealous, that seems wonderful

PastelGuy said...

What about the accent? Are you now totally British? (Can you at least fake it?) Glad to see you back - looking forward to hear about what other fabulous things you saw over there!

High Desert Diva said...

Oh...lucky you!