Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Get Smugged

Check out these amazing earrings by Smug Designs. Established in Sydney, Australia in 2004 by Rik Juod and Marcelo Zavala-Baeza, the entire line is crafted from anodised titanium and sterling silver. Incredibly lightweight, they come in a variety of styles that that you can customize to your taste...simply select the pattern you want on the body of the earring and the color (blue, brown or purple) and you are set! Check out their neck and arm pieces while you are there...simple, clean, colorful and beautiful!


Liv Bambola said...

Thank you for your lovely comment! It's very sweet! :)

I love these earrings too! They're so unique. Don't you just love those pieces that will get comments forever?

Lolley said...

check out the rings too! They're not so expensive either bearing in mind just what they're made of!

Aubrey said...

OMGosh. Those have to be some of the neatest (and unique) earrings I have ever seen. Thanks for the link!