Friday, July 11, 2008

Etsy Front Pages!

Wow! I was on the front page of Etsy five times in the past 24 hours (which shows how often they are changing their front page these days!) All of the treasuries are so beautiful and cool...and totally different. I love that pieces of my jewelry were able to fit into all of these cool themes!

This one above has a cool black, gray and green theme going Moonlight earrings are the first one, top row!

This one above has a cool black, gray and red theme going Hot Toddy necklace is the first one, third row and my Kiss Me necklace is the middle one, second row!

The one above has a warm earthy feel to Deep Sea necklace is the first one, second row!

The one above has a lush color palette of aquas and Gypsy necklace is the third one, third row!

The final one of the day featured bright pops of magenta and chartreuse...that is my Limelight bracelet in the middle, top row!


Ashley Marcovitz said...

I'm featured in the first one!! I never would have known without this blog, so thank you!

Unknown said...

What a nice blog and such beautiful work. I can see why you have been advertise so much on etsy Best wishes in success

Clementine said...

Wow, congrats!! That must be a world record for front page activity! I'm honored to have my Frost and Sage Bracelet featured in that first front page with you, too :)

MindyG said...

Great job! You have lots of talent!