Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cool Site of the Week--RN Central

I used to be a sun worshipper in my youth, but as I have gotten older I have recognized the importance of staying out of the sun to protect my skin (Thank goodness for self-tanners!). Now that summer is rapidly approaching, it is time to start thinking about your skin even more. RN Central is a cool site that I came across that features really interesting and well-written articles relating to health and health care. I particularly liked the article 50 Tips for Healthier Skin which gives fantastic and very useful advice on sun protection, skin care, and diet that will help you get your best skin. Most of the sun protection tips I knew of (but it is wise to update your memory!), but the diet tips were especially helpful because I didn't know, for example, that avocados are a great natural moisturizer for the skin! Check out the full list HERE.

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