Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Faite Designs

I do believe that everyone has an artistic side to them...even if it is just an appreciation for it! I came across a cool design concept that allows you to really express your inner designer! Faite Designs is a unique company that allows you to express your artistic side and design your own handbag. Fun, easy and, suprisingly affordable, you simply choose from one of 8 different styles. Then, you pick from over 75 fabric options (in gorgeous prints and solids) for the body, accent colors, and inside lining for a purse that is uniquely your own! Within a few short weeks, your artisitc vision is brought to life and your very own, one of a kind bag, is yours to carry and brag about. So, when people on the street ask where you got your bag you can say, "I designed it myself with Faite Designs." There are so many cool designs and colors to choose from, I challenge anyone to stop at just one! Plus, Faite Designs is making it easy for my readers: Save 20% on all items using the code: bloominglily during checkout!


Anonymous said...

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Scott Bulger Photography said...

I definitely agree that everyone has an artistic side to them. Locating that sometimes very hidden ability is the key!