Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Flying Snail

I am in LOVE with the hand knit accessories by Ellita's Flying Snail. Gorgeous, lush, rich colors and textures make each of her pieces wearable art. These would be so fabulous over a boring turtleneck sweater, which unfortunately are a necessity here in Cleveland during the winter, for a burst of color around your face! Plus, I am positively obsessed with her stunning photography. I will be getting one of her pieces this winter...so stay tuned for the "Look What I Got!" section when I show you which one I end up getting!


Danielle said...

My grandmother used to make me these when I was kid!!!! I loved them!!! I had green, blue, red and purple!!! They keep you really warm!!!!!!!!!

Amy Yang said...

Wow, my mouth is agape! Those are amazing.