Thursday, October 11, 2007

Grace Yourself

The Grace necklace, created by designer Laura Wells, and sold exclusively at Archestra, displays a simple pink wrapped spiral with a single sterling silver bead nested in the middle. Available on either a creme colored leather cord, or a delicate sterling silver chain, 50% of the purchase price is being donated to the Gal to Gal foundation which supports women with State IV breast cancer. Archestra, one of my favorite on-line shopping boutiques (fabulous one-stop shopping for any person you need to buy a gift for, including yourself!) is a proud sponsor of the virtual "Walk across America" fundraising event that Gal to Gal has organized. Click HERE to get more information on how you can participate in this event and click HERE to buy the Grace necklace or any other piece from the Grace collection. A fabulous way to mix art, shopping and generosity in one online step.

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I enjoyed reading your blog!
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