Thursday, September 13, 2007

Subversive Jewelry

Justin Giunta is the creative genius behind the Subversive Jewelry Collection that has been showcased in just about every major magazine there is out there. I have been absolutely fascinated by his collections...I love the baroque and gothic element to his creations, and his concept of "more is more." I love the WOW factor evident in every piece of jewelry he creates. All pieces are handcrafted by Justin with piles of vintage chain, crystals, beads and baubles. Definitely not for the meek or shy. In all of the magazines, the necklaces are shown with haute couture gowns, but I think the everyday stylish woman could wear these as well. If you can afford the price tag. However, if money were no object, these are definitely pieces that I would be wearing!! Truly, works of art! See more HERE.

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