Friday, August 24, 2007

Top it Off

Some people collect handbags, some shoes, some jewelry. Me? I collect a little of each, but, my main fascination is, and always will be, coats. I will even confess (if you don't tell my husband) that I own over 100 of them. So, Fall and Winter are actually two of my favorite seasons because I get to pull out my "babies" and wear them! I came across the designs of Rita Patel and I am seriously obsessing over her coats!! Fluid silk combined with rich lush velvet create gorgeous, original, and one of a kind treasures. Equally appropriate for a cocktail party, a black-tie event or over a pair of jeans, this is a truly versatile piece. A true splurge at $800, but, it is it is like getting two coats for the price of one!! Check out more of her creations HERE.


Icy said...

So drool worthy! 100 coats! You've given me something to aspire to (if you don't tell my husband either ^_^)

Dawn Chastain said...

Oh my Gosh,,, that coat is to beg for!! love it.