Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cool Site of the Week--Amphigory

There are a lot of beauty brands out there...I know, I have tried most of them. So, I love coming across an indie brand. One that is completely out of the mainstream. Amphigory is a really cool beauty website that offers hundreds of beauty products for the lips, face, eyes, etc. Owned by the husband and wife team of Zevaluz and Pazuzu out of Lafayette, Indiana, the store has been in business since 1996 and offers some interesting gothic items! However, for me, it is the makeup that I love. I bought some of these Lip Gels. Available in 11 different colors, I choose Possession and Witness (brownish tints with flecks of gold.) They are both gorgeous and truly offer intense shine and pigment. Only $8.00 a tube!! I also bought the Lip Twins, a coordinating lipstick and lipliner in one handy pen. Available in 5 rich shades, I got two...Timeless (coppery shimmery lipstick with a little touch of rose, paired with a warm coppery lipliner) and Intrigue (warm red brown creme paired with a rich warm red brown lipliner. These are amazing! So practical and the colors are fabulous! Only $10.90 a stick!! Another great thing about this indie company is that you can get swatches of the products for a small fee so that you can see and sample the colors before you commit! Also, Amphigory is dedicated to helping Great Cats of Indiana, an animal rescue preserve near them. So, $1.00 of the purchase price of many of the products is donated directly to Great Cats to help care for the animals! Check out more of their fabulous products, at equally fabulous prices, HERE.

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Unknown said...

Ooh, those are some dangerously tempting shades for this colorholic! I find myself wanting Void- even though my pale self couldn't possibly pull it off. Guess I'll have to go with Quash and leave colors like Void to my paints.