Monday, July 16, 2007

Photo Lab Project

Remember the the days before digital cameras? When you would take a roll of pictures, take them in to get developed, and then either pay a fortune for one hour processing, or like me, wait anxiously for two days so that you could see what pictures appeared? Nowadays, with the modern advances of digital cameras, this is somewhat of a lost thrill. You can see your pictures immediately and simply delete the ones you don't like. Well Kathyrn Smashing is encouraging us all to re-discover the suprise of "real" film by starting the Photo Lab Project. Her concept is simple...shoot a roll of film throughout the course of one day and then exchange the undeveloped roll with someone else's and then post the pictures in the photo lab project album to share with everyone. What a great way to bring people a little closer and help us all discover things about each other's lives that might have otherwise been overlooked. Email Kathryn to find out how to get involved in this great project! And, while you are at it...check out her collection of handcrafted jewelry that is beautiful and oh so affordable!!

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