Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bottled Up

Beauty can be found in the strangest of places. You just have to have the vision to see it. For example, what I see as a dumpster, Laura Bergman of Bottled Up Designs sees as a treasure trove. Specifically, Laura creates the most beautiful jewelry from the glass of antique bottles reclaimed from old bottle dumps. Her object, of course, is to create wearable treasures, but, also to help the wildlife and environment. One of my favorites is this pair of earrings created from a clear blue antique mason jar and a striking vivid cobalt blue Noxema bottle (Ah...brings back the memories of my youth!). What a brilliant color combination! And, get this. They are only $15!! Are you kidding me?? Each piece comes with "The Story of The Glass" which details for you what the glass was originally, the age of the glass, and what it would have been used for. A little piece of history for you to wear. Check out more of her work HERE.

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