Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flirting with Color

I love the color pink. It is just so happy and cheery and I truly believe it looks good on everyone. So, I was positively smitten when I came across this absolutely spectactular beaded necklace by Dawn Chastain. Handcrafted from hundreds of tiny seed beads in every shade of pink possible, I love the contrast between the intricate design of the pendant and the simple leather cording. Simply put this on, and feel instantly pretty. Yes, pink really has that effect on most people (especially me!). And Blues...the oceanic hues found in this Tropical Breeze double lariat are so soothing and remind me of a Caribbean getaway. (And no, my recent ride on Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean does not fit in this category!) How amazing would this look paired with a low cut dress, or, even better, worn in the back with a backless halter. What a surpising and sexy twist! See more of her fabulous pieces, with prices ranging from only $35 to $55, HERE.

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