Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cool Site of the Week--Manor Hall Soap Company

I am a sucker for great packaging. In particular, I cannot resist buying beauty products that come in pretty bottles or containers with cute labeling. However, all the great packaging in the world won't get me to become loyal to a brand if the product doesn't live up to the fancy labeling. The bath and body products of Manor Hall Soap Company are the perfect combination of both!
The soap bars, available in a variety of regular and seasonal (but all uniquely different and yummy) scents, are packaged in a sheer "jacket" with a really cute label (as you can see from the photo above taken by me!). Each sizeable chunk of soap is handmade in small batches with all natural ingredients such as lavender, sage, chai, sage (see below). The soaps also have no artificial colors. Quite simply, what you see is what you get. A simply fabulous soap with tons of virgin olive oil that is so wonderful and moisturizing for the skin. I tried the summer chai and the sherbert sage, and I honestly cannot tell you which I like better. My shower was literally filled with the fresh tangy scent of the sherbert sage and slightly spicy scent of the summer chai. Truly heavenly!!

I also tried the Original Foaming Face Cleanser (pictured below) which pumps out a handful of soothing sudsy foam-- with all natural ingredients-- so it is extra gentle for the skin. The original formula contains Australian Tea Tree Oil, which is an effective way of controlling acne and oily build-up. Perfect as the weather gets warmer!! The addition of the lemon oil is a great brightener for the face and smells fabulous! This cleanser effectively removed all of my makeup and left my face feeling very clean without any dryness.

This is a wonderful independent company that produces a truly wonderful product. Every month there is also a great special going on and if you sign up the newsletter, you get the inside scoop on all sales and special deals!!

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