Thursday, May 31, 2007

Grace Jewelry

With the fight against breast cancer so near and dear to many hearts, Artchestra and jewelry artist Laura C. Wells have joined to create and offer the Grace Jewelry Collection. Each piece in the collection features a beautiful pink silver wrapped spiral with a single sterling bead nested in the middle. 50% of the profits made by Artchestra and 15% of the profits made by Laura Wells will be given to a Breast Cancer Foundation. During the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, 100% of Artchestra’s profits will be given away. What a wonderful way of mixing art, shopping, and generosity in one online step.


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thedesignstudent said...

Hi its Dave, and I was thinking a moment ago that the jewelry piece definitely has a futuristic appeal.

I'm wondering if it's anodized pink sterling silver wire or..?

Thank you for the beautiful jewelry and the fashion edit.

'I live life one stitch at a time'

Toni Lyn said...

Elleabelle, thanks so much for blogging about an important cause! Really enjoyed this work!

Toni Lyn