Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cool Site of the Week--Spring Hill Nursery

One of my greatest passions is gardening. I love getting out in the yard, digging in the soil, planting new varieties, and tending to my flowers. I have lived at my house for almost 5 years, and every year I add more perennials depending on what works and what doesn't. Now that the weather has been getting a bit warmer, and my first blooms are emerging (crocus, hyacinth, and daffodils) , I have been doing the "chore" part: WEEDING. But, soon, I will be doing the FUN part: planting and designing. One of my favorite places to buy flowers is Spring Hill Nursery. Besides having the most wonderful selection of plants, the customer service is outstanding, they have great specials and coupon deals, and they have a no-risk gardening lifetime guarantee (If, for any reason, you aren't pleased with any plant upon receipt, after planting or once it grows, they will refund you or send a replacement!!). If you don't know much about gardening...don't worry. The site offers numerous step-by-step garden plans that make choosing what flowers will work for you simple. Go on, get out there and get your hands dirty!!

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