Monday, March 05, 2007

Breath Palette Kit

This is one of the coolest products I have come across in a long time!! Invented in Japan and now available exclusively at Firebox, Breath Palette is a naturally derived line of flavored toothpastes that will change the way you look at brushing your teeth. Available in 20 different (and when I say different, I really mean it) flavors, this product is simply ingenius. There are 4 palette sets to choose from: 1) Sweet Tooth Palette: Vanilla, Bitter Chocolate, Caramel, L'Espresso, Pumpkin Pie; 2) Smoothie Palette: Freshness Yogurt, Monkey Banana, Kiwi Fruit, Strawberry, Blueberry; 3) Zen Palette: Lemon Tea, Cola, Rose, Lavender, Honey; and 4) East Meets West Palette: Darjeeling Tea, Indian Curry, Cinnamon, Tropical, Pineapple. I want to try all of them!! Each kit comes with five .9 ounce tubes of toothpaste for $22.95. More expensive than Crest for sure, but what a great gift idea for the man or woman who has everything. Including halitosis.

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Rebecca said...

Woo Hoo!