Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cool Site of the Week--Sydney's Vintage Clothing

Some styles of fashion may come and go (and we all know the ones we wish would stay away forever!), but others will always be in style. And with this adage in my head, my choice for Cool Site of the Week is Sydney's Vintage Clothing Shop. Sydney Nichols, the owner of the on-line boutique, has been a collector of vintage clothing for many years and has been selling them for the past four. You will simply be amazed at the amount (and quality!) of vintage clothing and accessories that she carries. Vintage suits, dresses, and accessories (to name a few) from the Civil War era, the swinging 40's, rockin' 50's, mod 60's, disco 70's, pink 80's, and up to modern day designer labels, can all be found in her shop. Sydney searches estate sales and flea markets and collects only the best of the best. She also writes an interesting blog on these "treasure hunts." Want something, but cannot find it on her site? Just email her and she will check her huge inventory to see if she has it. With over 5000 pieces in stock, there's a good chance she will.

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