Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cotton Chic

I might be making a generalization here, but, in my experience, it seems to me that most men wish their significant other would dress "nicer." In my case, my husband actually wishes that I dressed more casually. So, in furtherance of this goal, he took me shopping yesterday at the new American Apparel store that opened up here in Cleveland. This is a store that is dedicated to everything t-shirt. Long sleeve, short sleeve, cap sleeve, tank top, turtleneck, v-neck, boat-neck, get the picture. And, in almost every color you can possibly imagine. Very soft, and reasonably priced (prices start at $15 for a tank top and $25 for a t-shirt), I picked up a few different styles in some cool colors that will look good with both jeans and trousers. So, maybe trousers aren't that casual...but I am taking "baby steps" into this casual dressing thing!

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dressPLANET said...

im a great fan of plain solid colors shirts and tanks! specially aquas, blues, reds, whites