Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tie One On

I work in a profession where men are expected to dress work appropriate. In this day and age when most offices are "work casual" this is admittedly old school. But, in a courtroom, a judge (or your clients for that matter) won't tolerate anything less than a suit and tie. Boring right? Not with these hand screened neckties by super cool and multi-talented designer Bethany Shorb of Cyberoptics Tie Lab. Available in a variety of colors, from restrained to bright, the ties feature the most amazing screenprinted or handsewn designs along the bottom. Which means even the Gasattack, Squidbrain or Heartattack can be office appropriate when worn with a buttoned up jacket. Want a kinder, gentler tie? They've got those too. Check out the Poppies or the Fern, really beautiful prints that just beg to be seen. Now, even men can make a statement and stay classic. But, Classic with a Twist. And, lucky for us women, they are coming out with a line of hand screened ascots that can be used as scarves! So, now we can get the benefit of Bethany's amazing talent. Check out more of the designs at www.cyberoptix.com and check out Bethany's bio while you are at it...she is also a costume designer, photographer, and performer with Toybreaker and Dethlab. (I told you she was talented didn't I?)

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Carolyn said...

I'm looking for spiffy ties that come in extra long. Can you let us know if you come across any? By the way, this is a great find!