Saturday, November 04, 2006

Modern Adornment

Some people wear jewelry as an afterthought, something they just throw on to finish an outfit. Me? I like my jewelry to do more than just sit on my neck or ears. I like focal pieces that make a statement and stand out. Enter the designs of Jester Swink. The alter ego name of its designer A. Rae Gedlaman, Jester Swink is all about minimal yet totally eye-catching jewelry in stunning combinations of gold, silver and semi-precious stones. Ranging from deceptively simple to wonderfully intricate, her signature necklaces juxtapose large cut stones in earthy rich colors against varying sizes and textures of sterling silver and gold chain. From her latest collections, I am loving the Sternum necklace featuring dangling gems of chalcedony and ruby quartz that fall teasingly at the decolletage, the Disky Biz featuring chunky red jasper and delicate tanzite, and the Train Wreck featuring slabs of blue lace agate and jasper with various chains in gold and sterling silver. Gorgeously modern yet totally timeless. Check out her really cool and beautifully designed website at to see more of her collections.

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