Friday, October 20, 2006

Wood Whimsy

Using exotic hardwoods, Mayra Orama Muniz of Mio Studio has created a line of jewelry inspired by the tropical rain forests of Puerto Rico. Beginning with a plank of exotic hardwood, each miniature sculpture takes its form through hand carving and hours of sanding. Mayra then adds various metals such as silver, aluminum and stainless steel to give a totally cool and contemporary look to each piece. Some of my favorites include the Pinto pendant (a small square pendant with a blue painted tube inside that totally pops against the dark wood hung on stainless steel cable), the chime earrings (wood pieces in varying sizes interspersed with silver beads) and the whim bracelet (three carved pieces of wood joined together with aluminum rods). Simple and pared down, yet utterly chic. Posted by Picasa

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