Monday, June 25, 2007

Evening Glamour

I tend to use backpacks for everyday wear, but for evenings out, I am all about beautiful elegant handbags. The hand-embroidered and luxurious evening bags and clutches from Papillon are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Available in the most luxurious silks, satins, and leather, these bags are perfect for a glamorous night out and easily take any outfit to the next level of chic. The rich colors and intricate embroidery are simply fantastic. Prices start at $225, a splurge for sure, but one of these would be a life long investment piece. Check out more styles HERE.

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Icy said...

Oh, oh, so wonderful! You have the BEST stuff on your site. Stop making me want to spend money! ^_^

The next Fabulous! Festival will be on my site again on the 9th and I'm thinking of a luggage/bag theme ( Mind if I link to some of wonderful luggage, or would you like to submit some posts?