Thursday, May 24, 2007

Travel in Style

Being the jewelry lover that I am, I always bring tons of jewelry when I go on vacation. However, I usually just throw everything into a cardboard jewelry box and put a rubber band around it. Functional. Of course. But oh so ugly. These travel jewelry pouches by Vaska are the perfect solution to transport my jewelry. Made of luxe fabrics, like silk dupoini, taffeta, and faux fur velvet, and adorned with special details like embroidered flowers or brown velvet trim, these jewelry pouches are practical yet pretty enough to use as an evening bag!! The interiors of these bags (pictured below) are fantastic...lined in silk dupoini, each jewelry bag has a mesh layer inside to securely hold your earrings, hooks along the bottom to hold your necklaces, and three interior pockets to protect all your valuables!! A clever loop at the top enables you to hang your bag at your destination to display your jewelry. What a wonderful way to travel in style!!


Icy said...

Love the top one, so pretty!

Delias Thompson said...

This bag is stunning!