Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lost and Found

I am not a trendy kind of girl. I am drawn to things that are classic, have a timeless feel, and maybe a bit of history as well. Enter the jewelry designs of Rebecca Zelis. All of her pieces are made from found objects such as antique buttons, seashells, stones and beach glass. They are then set in sterling silver or 18K gold, and combined with precious gemstones. Her speciality? Taking objects from clients that have personal meaning, such as a stone found on the beach during a honeymoon or a beloved family trinket, and working with the client to create a finished piece that is personal and uniquely precious. All of her pieces are handcrafted by her in her studio in Brandon, Vermont which is located in a renovated Granary that also houses local painters, sculptors, and potters. Since I used to collect beach glass as a kid, I am particulary drawn to her pieces which feature these beautiful frosted "gems." This flower necklace featuring opal, beach glass and precious stones set in sterling silver shows off her amazing metalsmithing abilities as well as her knack for pairing unusual color and stone combinations. I also love the oceanic hues found in her beach glass necklace. The free form shapes of seafoam green beach glass set in a framework of sterling silver are truly mesmerizing. To view more of her work, purchase her pieces, or share your inspiration for your own custom piece, check out her beautiful and easy to navigate website at

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