Monday, August 14, 2006

Sea Worthy

Wedding planner-turned-jewelry designer Lauren Fish began creating custom wedding jewelry in 1997 to fit the individual style needs of her bridal clients. Her success encouraged her to expand her collection to include day and evening accessories featuring precious and semi-precious stones. Angelfish was born. Her 2006 Bikini collection is island inspired and designed to be worn on swimwear. Each of the looks are delicate, subtle, and totally sexy. Some have charms, some have gemstones. Two of my favorites are the Coronado (pink chalcedony and andalusite on gold filled chain) and the St. Tropez (so000 Blue Lagoon with its turquoise chalcedony drops on sterling silver chain). With these beautiful pieces hanging from my bikini, I am sure to feel beautiful. Now, if only I could look as good in a bikini....

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