Monday, April 27, 2009


So, I don't have the body to wear this...but that won't stop me from admiring. Inspired from the 50's frilly prom dresses, this corset and collar by Freyagushi is handmade from white silk dupioni, lace, and pink ribbon. Totally sexy, utterly feminine, and...totally out of my league. Ah...but a girl can dream can't she?


Ren said...

If I could fit into this thing, I think I'd live in it!

I love it. It's the perfect balance of retro, with modern "sassibility."

Andrea said...

This is not out of your league at all!
Corsets are a classic and can be (and have been) worn by endless body types.
All you need is confidence to pull this off...a tube top on the other hand. ;)
Love your blog.