Monday, July 21, 2008


Being a product junkie, and determined to have beautiful silky hair, I have tried almost every shampoo out on the market, from the cheap to the super expensive. Happily for my pocketbook, I have been consistently using the L'oreal line of hair products for some time now (see my previous post HERE.) The Vive Pro collection from L'oreal Paris is what I have been using this summer. The Pro Color Vive Shampoo is has a beautiful non-floral scent with a rich lather that really makes my hair feel ultra clean. My favorite is the conditioner though. Very thick and rich, it makes my hair feel very smooth but not greasy feeling. I don't know about their claim that it prevents color from fading (I still have to color every 5-6 weeks) but it does make my hair feel clean and pretty, so I guess I don't mind a bit of puffery. L'oreal Paris is available at all retail outlets.

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Shelly Borrell said...

These products really work well, especially with my new hair dryer. My hair is shiney.