Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fake Baking

In the past few years I have sworn off the suntanning...just too damaging for the skin. However, I still love that healthy tan look (even though we all know it is in no way healthy!). I have tried ALL of the brands out there, and my two favorites are from Lancome. I use the Flash Bronzer Deep Colour Instant Dry Spray (for the body) on my face. I spritz a generous handful into my hands and swipe it over my face. It dries almost instantly and gives a really gorgeous natural glow...no oompa loompa look here. I use the body formula instead of the formula designed for the face because I like the spray aspect of it, and it lasts longer. Plus, the spray just seems to go on more evenly than the face gel. (And, yes...I have used that too!). I use the Flash Bronzer Airbrush Multi-Angle Self-Tanning Spray (for the body) on my body. I wait about 10 minutes for it to dry and then get dressed. It doesn't streak...although if I put on flip flops too soon I will get a mark from the straps. I use it once a day for 4 days, and then during the summer about every 3 days to keep the look up. People can never believe that it is fake...really, it looks that real. I make sure that I exfoliate before I first use it, and then during the week, I will exfoliate the parts that start to shed a bit (namely in the elbow nook and the backs of the knees). I have posted a picture below that was taken last week in Disney (with my two gorgeous friends Cindy and Carlita!). It is absolutely unretouched and shows how well the product works since I have not been in the sun since January (and even then I used spf 30!). I recommend these products for anyone who wants to get tanned...the right way!!

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styledamsel said...

wow.. rub-in tanning cream. i must try those!

no harmful skin damage yet the beauty of tans.