Friday, May 18, 2007

Andrea's Beau

I came across Andrea's Beau while looking for some cute fun hair accessories for my daughter and was impressed with the range of products they have for little girls. Which got me thinking that these would also look good on women of all ages. Going to a happy hour after work? What an easy way to look great from office to or two of these decorative pins (seen left) on short hair or randomly placed in a loose updo for long hair would look instantly chic and sexy--and totally grownup. These gorgeous headbands (pictured below) have an opulent mix of jewels and sequins that would look great for a nice date with my husband. Finally, a fashion accessory that I can share with my children!


lawyergirl said...

I agree, these items are beautiful and unique, and I would definitely wear them as an adult as well. Thanks for a great find. Check out the website--I don't think you can find hair accessories this elegant and distinctive anywhere else.

Unknown said...

The designer obviously has a very good eye for materials and unique designs. The items are original and well priced for their high quality. The perfect gift for daughters/grandaughters!