Friday, April 20, 2007

Delias Thompson

Delias Thompson is a precious metal artist who makes minimal yet totally eye-catching sterling silver jewelry. Her collection, organic forms with a decidely modern twist, result in unbelievably beautiful and timeless pieces. These dangly, spindly Criss Cross earrings have the most wonderful linear shape (where your hair back so that they become a focal point!) and are just so everyday sophisticated. However, my favorite piece (and which I actually bought for my mother!) is the Secret Poetry Charmed necklace featured above. Delias leaves her imprint on the pendant by hand etching the silver with this very moving excerpt of a poem that she wrote. Truly moving, this is the perfect gift to give anyone who has suffered any sort of loss or triumphed over hardship. Honestly, I was moved to tears when I first read it. I just received it yesterday and it is even more beautiful in person! Delias was kind enough to engrave my father's name on the bottom, so I know my mother will treasure this necklace. See more of her beautiful, and inspiring, work HERE.


shelbi said...

hi there!

fellow etsy friend coming in to say hi. you have a beautiful blog. i was also wondering, do you know the 'blogger style' that you chose? i like how you got the body in the middle and the sides with the profile ...i would like to make my own look this way.

have a great day!

Gina said...

I really enjoy your blog. Your write-ups are fun! I love these pieces...not frilly.