Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cool Site of the Week--VW Vortex

I am part of a Volkswagen family. My husband and I both drive VW's and are very loyal to the brand which is why I like the VW Vortex...a website for the Volkswagen enthusiast. VW just introduced the limited edition triple white Beetle Convertible. It is amazing as you can see from the pics. The best part? I just got my new beautiful white beetle last night!!! Yup...that is me in the photo with my two lovelies!! This is going to be a fun Spring! (And, if you read yesterday's can see why I have been obsessing about white lately!!)


Christian said...

If you like VWvortex, it would be great if you can pay a visit to our site as we cover all the latest VW news.

The German Car Blog

Rebecca said...

We are into German cars too, although at present we are all driving old Jeep Cherokees. :)